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Grow Fast. Stay Young: Story of a G2 High Performer

Aayush Kumar
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If a prospective client calls us ‘young’, somewhere in their mind, they are referring to us as a rookie or the underdog. It doesn’t bother us as we’ve managed to convert those clients as well.

Neither did it bother Tara Lipinksi who competed at the 1998 Winter Olympics, and won the gold medal at age 15. Just like her, we continued doing what we do, and just a few days back we became the youngest company in our industry to enter the G2 High Performer list.

In fact, the second youngest team on this list started in 2016 (we started in 2019). Don’t even ask about the rest of the companies on the list. They’re already celebrating their 10th birthdays.

High performer inspiring message

Anyway, how did we reach here?

Focus on business growth and not business management

Take a good look at everyone in fitness & wellness SaaS—everyone wants you to manage your business efficiently. We decided not to do that. I mean not to do ‘just’ that. Here’s what we did instead:

1. End-user experience before everyone else

Imagine having the best Yoga studio in the neighborhood but it takes over 7 minutes on your booking app to book a session. What a waste, right? We helped studio owners build intuitive and client-first websites and apps in the fastest time possible.

2. Clients-partnerships that look and feel human

Our support and product teams especially outshine in this regard. On average, they spend 10x more time than the industry just listening to businesses and giving them control of how Bookee can evolve into a smarter and better version of itself.

The impact

In just three years, we have become the highest-rated brand for support on G2.

This is very overwhelming as most of our clientele has tried and evaluated multiple alternatives before ending their search at Bookee.

Bookee Review
Soul movement yoga review for Bookee

What does Bookee have in store for the future?

Good marketing for everyone

Studios are already marketing themselves in one way or the other. But more often than not, their efforts are wasted due to a lack of innovation. This is where Bookee comes in. It automates a lot of basic marketing functions and helps you personalize campaigns that leave an impact.

Bookee features

Studios closer to their clients

Most small business owners underestimate the value of the client data they hold, let alone understand its use for retaining clients. Bookee uses their data and makes it work for them.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds. We take care of all the advanced data science, while studio owners just have to act on the insights we provide them. Based on those insights, they can send personalized emails, notifications, push messages, and more. All this happens so quickly that no time is wasted on figuring out what to do to keep clients with their business.

To sum up Bookee’s past, present, and future, I would like to quote Olympic gold-medal swimmer Michael Phelps:

If you are a fitness or wellness business, Bookee will unlock next-level growth for you. Join the movement.

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Aayush Kumar

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