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Top Attendance Management Software For Fitness Studios

Vaishwi Sinha
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An essential part of customer retention and profitability for fitness studios is attendance management. Most fitness studios now use attendance management apps, often built in as a function in their studio management software, to handle this for them.

We’re going to take you through what a fitness studio attendance tracker is and why gyms and other fitness businesses need them. We’ll also discuss what features the ideal gym attendance management app should have and our picks for the top 6 attendance management software for fitness studios.

6 attendance management software for fitness studios

While we’ll get into the features of these tools a little later, here are our choices for the top 6 attendance management software for fitness studios.

  1. Bookee
  2. Glofox
  3. Pushpress
  4. Mindbody
  5. WellnessLiving
  6. Virtuagym

What is attendance management software?

In a traditional context, attendance management software is designed to track employee attendance, what times they clock in and clock out, track their productivity, automate payroll management, and ensure there are no policy violations.

However, in the context of a fitness studio or a gym, the benefits of this software extend beyond employees to helping manage customers as well.

How does attendance management help fitness studios?

Here are some of the ways that attendance management software helps fitness studios, especially from a customer management perspective.


Attendance tracking allows gym managers to keep an eye on customer attendance behavior. This, in turn, allows them to address members who may be slacking off by reaching out to them and asking them for feedback to fix any issues they may be facing.

It also allows the studio to show members who have regular appreciation. Both of these aspects help enhance customer experiences since they show that the fitness studio is paying attention to and actually cares about its members. These positive customer experiences go a long way in influencing retention.

Enables member success

Tracking the attendance of members in a fitness studio is also directly related to helping members reach their fitness goals. It allows trainers to talk to members about how regular attendance or the lack of it can affect the fitness goals they set for themselves when they started on their fitness journey.

Enables business success

An attendance tracking system for gyms will also give fitness studio managers insights about which their busiest hours are, and which facilities get used the most. These insights can help create schedules that leverage these trends to increase revenue.

Features to look for in attendance management software

Here are 6 essential features that the ideal attendance management software should have.

  • The gym attendance management software you choose should allow you to book workout slots and manage their schedules based on the availability of equipment and trainers.

  • The attendance tracker should be able to help you track member attendance and to help you track each member’s progress in achieving their fitness goals.

  • The ideal gym attendance management system should also send you alerts whenever a member doesn’t show up at the gym.

  • The software should save member payment preferences and automatically renew membership unless members opt to discontinue their memberships.
  • The attendance management software should give you reports and analytics about your busiest business hours, which equipment gets used the most, trainer preferences, and workout preferences. All of this information is crucial to helping you strategize growth for your fitness studio.

  • Ideally, you should get more than an attendance management software when you invest in a tool.

A solution with essential integrations, such as POS capabilities, a business website, social media dashboards, and marketing automation, all at an affordable price, is what is necessary to streamline managing your fitness studio.

Our top 6 picks

Let’s now get back to our top 6 picks for gym attendance management software. Keep in mind that some of these are fitness studio management systems with in-built attendance tracking capabilities.


  • Attendance tracking for both employees and studio members.
  • Absentee alerts to keep proactive track of member attendance.
  • In-built payroll automation capabilities.
  • Booking and scheduling are easy and quick, both on the branded website and smartphone app that Bookee will build for you.
  • Best in-class waitlist management to ensure every member gets the best of all facilities without conflict.
  • Messaging and email automation to engage with members, along with great design templates to choose from.
  • In-store and online POS capabilities.
  • Payment preference and membership renewal automation.
  • Complete control over email, messaging, and social media marketing.
  • In-depth reports and analysis to track member fitness progress.


  • Attendance tracking and management capabilities.
  • An availability indicator to help with scheduling and bookings.
  • Calendar and capacity management to ensure no slots are overbooked.
  • Automated scheduling and booking capabilities.
  • POS capabilities, including credit card billing.
  • Email and message management dashboard.
  • Detailed reports and analytics to track fitness goals.


  • Attendance tracking capabilities.
  • POS capabilities.
  • Lead management tool.
  • Integrations with Facebook Ads, Slack, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, and more.
  • POS capabilities that include credit card billing.


  • Ideal for small fitness studios.
  • Has attendance tracking, scheduling, and booking management capabilities.
  • Automations include push notifications,
  • Employee tracking to help with planning and scheduling is also available.


  • Customers get to book fitness sessions using smartphone apps, Facebook, or through the WellnessLiving
  • Easy attendance tracking for members.\
  • POS facility to easily accept credit card payments, automate renewals and help members easily withdraw memberships as well.
  • Payroll management, shift management, and staff performance tracking capabilities as well.


  • Has easy attendance tracking for members.
  • Also has a nutrition planner and a workout app.
  • Bookings, schedules, and billing can be controlled through the iOS and Android apps.
  • The software also generates income reports.

Choose Bookee and simplify managing your fitness studio

When you choose Bookee, you get a lot more than just an attendance management software. From setting up an e-store for your fitness studio to enabling video-on-demand and online classes for your customers, Bookee has everything a fitness business needs to realize its true potential.

Book a demo with our experts today, and find out why Bookee is the most complete fitness management software in the market.

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