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Family Memberships - It Is Upselling Not Discounting

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Greetings fitness business owners!

Fitness businesses mostly run on memberships and I’m sure you know that.

The goal of a fitness and wellness business should always be to get more memberships. That’s how the revenue is generated in the long term.

That being said, you can always be creative with your memberships to attract more clients into getting one.

In this article, we will introduce you to family memberships, and help you understand how you can upsell your services through them.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that group memberships are discounted memberships and result in revenue drain.

But that is not true!

And we will help you understand how.

Before heading into that, let’s take a quick look at what upselling and discounting mean in a fitness business.

What is upselling in a fitness business?

In the fitness business, upselling is strategically putting forward upgrades or add-ons that will improve your client’s original memberships.

In simpler words, upselling would appeal to the client because it would provide more value to the existing membership.

For you, it translated to more revenue. It’s a win-win for your client and your business.

Monthly memberships, Soul Movement Yoga

Here you can see how the Unlimited membership is providing more value.

These memberships are planned strategically to let the client see the difference in value.

Unlimited Monthly is an upgrade to the 8-class monthly membership. It’s appealing to the client and generates more revenue for you.

Class packages 6-month and 3-month commitment, Soul Movement Yoga

Upselling can also translate to taking more commitment from the client for the value you’re adding.

What is Discounting in a Fitness Business?

A business should always strive to generate more revenue but at times sales could be faster.

That’s where discounting comes in.

Discounting is an excellent way of getting your clients back in the mood to purchase from you, by lowering the prices for a period of time.

It creates urgency because your clients wouldn’t want to miss the limited-time offer.

Discounting might not maximize your revenue but if applied strategically, it can increase it.

An example of a discount offer, Anytime Fitness.

What’s better upselling or discounting? Why?

Both upselling and discounting are important aspects of successfully running a fitness business.

While upselling is creating options that add value for the client and also increase revenue, discounting is simply offering the same service at a cheaper price.

Upselling is better than discounting since it increases revenue and takes more commitment from the client.

Discounting on the other hand is simply letting go of potential revenue when it comes to regular clients.

Now you understand upselling and discounting in the fitness business.

Let’s walk you through family memberships now.

What are family memberships?

Family memberships are memberships where a client can purchase a membership while adding their partner and children to the same plan.

Family memberships can also be interpreted as purchasing a plan as a family where you get a discounted price. Family memberships allow you and your family to secure up to 20-30% discount on the total cost of your memberships

Ideally, in family memberships, you can include your partner and up to 4-5 children with some additional cost.

How do they appear to be discounting but are actually not?

In a family membership, your client gets more value by getting a discounting price but that’s not actually discounting.

A person with a membership might upgrade to the family plan by including their partners and children at an additional cost. Which increases your revenue, and hence is upselling.

You get more clients and more recurring revenue.

How to create a family membership on Bookee?

Creating memberships and family plan is an important part of the fitness business and should be easy and hassle-free.

Bookee is a fitness management software that solves all of your problems including this one.

Creating family memberships on Bookee is extremely easy.

To create a shared membership plan navigate to Manage > Services > Memberships > Create Plan

While creating any of the membership plans (Subscription, One-time membership, or credit pack) you will have an option to select if it is a shared membership under Expiry and Credits > Advanced settings

Enable the Shared Membership option and enter the number of people this membership can be shared with

Bookee makes everything necessary for your fitness business easy.

Want to know more about what you can achieve with Bookee?

Book a demo.

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