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Dear Mindbody, I am breaking up with you...

Customer Success Team
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Dear MindBody,

It’s over.

It was a beautiful summer day when we started this relationship. You were my first & only one and I had high hopes about the things we could do together. But as time passed, it all started going wrong.

“I was told point blank it was a perfect fit and was sold a lie; a very costly lie.”

There was a time when I could lean on you for everything. But now it just feels like I’m hanging on to the past, waiting for things to change. But I know they never will.

“They over sell and underdeliver. Rope you in to the highest level of service and leave you hanging.”

I can’t even understand you sometimes. God knows how hard I've tried reaching out to you, trying to make things work. But you-you never pick your calls and hardly text back...like ever!

“Not 1 individual reached out to help us or help fix the train-wreck because they do not care. In fact, they have been clawing money from me for months due to a technicality; and all I wanted was to cancel my account.”

Sure we did have some good times together, but after the first few months our relation turned into a train-wreck. I waited hours and days just to hear back from you, not knowing if you were ever going to respond.

“99% of MindBody was the worst, most awful experience. They will not talk to you on the phone after you are "sold" the product.”

All this while, I thought that it was my fault. How could it not be? You were so great. Everyone told me that you were the best. But I never see those people now. They’re gone, just like you.

“I don’t like MindBody customer service, they make you feel like an idiot. I also dislike the hidden fees that pop up month to month.”

It was because of you at times I felt embarrassed in front of people I truly cared about. I had to let them down, time and again, just because of you and your inadequacies.

“The phone app would only work half the time and on multiple occasions the entire system was down with no notice from them."

Till now, I thought that I was stuck with you. But reflecting on the past, I have realized that I deserve something better. Something much, much better.

“They are a total rip off now. They care nothing about their customers and only care about profits. This is the MOST expensive software. In the 2+ years we used MindBody, the price increased over 200% with no additional features that benefit our small business.”

You took away my time, my patience, my energy, my peace. But I kept paying the price of this relationship because there was that grim hope of you changing your ways and things getting better over time.

“Horrific customer service - insanely high price increases - unethical business practices. Does not matter if you are a long-term customer I feel like I am just a number and they could care less if they lose you as a customer or not.”

But things have only gotten worse. That's why I'm moving on.

I am switching over to Bookee.


Ex-MindBody Customer

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