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Data Management vs Growth Strategy Execution: Resolving the biggest conundrum with Zapier

Vaishwi Sinha
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Why is it the biggest conundrum?

It’s common knowledge that data management is an integral part of executing any growth strategy. Then, why does the question of one vs the other arise? The short answer is- time is a limited resource. The long answer would be better conveyed through a story.

Let’s say someone signed up for your studio’s classes, but didn’t make a purchase, now you have to convert them into a paying customer, at the least, what would you do?

  • Assign the lead to a staff member so they develop a rapport
  • Set up drip campaigns to entice them to join

Now every time this situation arises, you’ll have to manually pass on information to your staff members and manually download lead contact information from your studio management software and push it into the database of your email builder. 

Imagine doing this day-in and day-out, just for doing the bare minimum. That’s hours spent on data management that could’ve been spent on building more effective strategies.

For growth you need data management, but the more time you spend on data management, the less time you spend on actually growing your business- it’s a catch-22 situation that needs to be resolved ASAP.

How is Zapier resolving this conundrum?

The solution is ridiculously simple. Zapier automates data sharing between different softwares you are using.

There’s even a cool name for these automation set-ups. It’s called creating a Zap. Creating a Zap requires answering the following questions-

  • What apps do I want to use?
  • What event will trigger my Zap?
  • What event will my Zap perform?
  • What information do I want to move between those apps?

Taking the example in the section above, if you want to inform your staff about a new lead in the system, here’s how you’ll go about it-

  • What apps do I want to use?- Bookee & Slack
  • What event will trigger my Zap?- New lead captured in Bookee
  • What event will my Zap perform?- Send a message in the concerned slack channel about new lead capture
  • What information do I want to move between those apps? Name & date of sign up
Some use cases to get started with Zapier

New Lead:

  • Push information into Just call or Open Phone, to close high value deals over calls

New Customer:

  • Send contact information to ActiveCampaign/Mail Chimp to trigger welcome email sequence
  • Send customer details to Trainerize in case you want to build workout/nutrition plans for them

Subscription Paused/Cancelled:

  • Create higher chances of winback with automatic reach out over email & SMS as soon as subscription is paused/cancelled
  • Send the data to Just call or Open Phone, to reach out over call to understand their reasons for pausing/cancelling subscription

Custom tags:

  • Tag customers likely to give positive feedback and connect with Referrizer to get a review as soon as someone gets tagged
  • Send information about injuries to instructors on slack as soon as a client is tagged ‘injured’

These use cases are just a drop in the ocean, with Zapier you have countless ways to grow your business. It’s time to automate data management so that you can focus solely on taking the next big step to nurture your business.

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Vaishwi Sinha Bookee Writer
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Vaishwi Sinha

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