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Daily Class Reminders — Why They Always Work?

Akash Eric Francis
Junior Content Writer
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Approximately 50% of people who start an exercise program drop out within the first six months. 

According to research, two of the most important factors are motivation and time commitments.

This is a concerning statistic for your boutique studio, and one that you must carefully consider when developing your strategy for communicating with your clients.

Let's look at why this is happening and how you can start sending daily class reminders to your clients about class openings for them to keep coming back.

Here are some of the most common reasons why people lose motivation to exercise:

1. Their progress does not appear to match the expectations they have set for themselves. 

2. An exercise routine does not easily fit into their lifestyle.

3. A hectic work schedule does not leave much time for exercise.

4. The notion that exercise is difficult

Motivation is powerful, but for your clients to develop a religious habit of attending classes, a certain degree of discipline is necessary.

This is where you come into play!

Your endeavor as the studio owner will be to spearhead the concept of discipline outliving motivation.

The advantages of timely reminders: 

Sending daily reminders for class openings via email or push notifications helps your clients stay on top of their schedules and reduces the likelihood of missing classes and appointments.

An increase in clients who arrive on time for their classes also has a positive impact on your studio's revenue stream.

The power of repetition and consistency:

Repetition has surprising power over us all.  

Reminders serve to reinforce the habit and makes it more likely that your clients will remember to attend, lowering the number of no-shows.

You can also use reminders by developing a community and interacting with your clients on digital platforms.

According to data from highly successful fitness studios, the following community aspects are what keep consumers coming back:

1. A warm and energetic atmosphere

2. Encouraging and inspiring trainers

3. Dynamic and exciting routine

You can also build a Facebook and Instagram page for your studio and harness the power of social media to broadcast class updates and reminders.

If you want to learn more about this, we go into great detail here.


Are you wondering how your studio can embrace this system of sending daily reminders?

A good fitness management software of course!

Bookee understands how to do this effectively while reducing expenses and time. 

We offer you the flexibility to notify your customers with clear and concise reminders in real-time over mail, sms or in-app. 

Also, setting up triggers for automatic notifications is simple and has been shown to improve class attendance in our clients.

Drastically cut down on cancellations and no-shows and remind your clients to take action today! 

Find out how to set it up on your CRM from here: https://help.bookeeapp.com/en/articles/5409974-how-to-set-up-notifications

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