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Product Updates

What's New In Bookee? | October 2022

Abhinav Singh
Sr. Product Analyst
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Attention all Bookee users! October is here, and with it comes an exciting new round of updates to our product. These improvements are designed to provide even better performance, more streamlined features, and an overall enhanced user experience. Whether you're a long-time fan or new to our product, there's something for everyone in this release. So get ready to take your experience to the next level, because October's product updates are sure to knock your socks off! Keep reading to learn more about what's included in this month's release.

Customers can now purchase credits while booking class or appointment. 🎉

Any new or an existing customer can now purchase a class and membership simultaneously, for themselves or a related contact, if they have no credits in their account.

This feature gives your customers more flexibility and convenience, and allows you to offer additional services and products to your customers.

Choose whether your customers can book for someone else.

We couldn’t be more delighted to introduce settings for book and purchase for someone else. If this is turned on, you can select the events that can be booked or purchased by a customer for someone else. You will be able to select as many events you want, depending on your business requirements. It’s finally here!

Send different notifications for each class and appointment type!

We have added a sub category for appointments or classes for notifications! This allows you to set up notifications for the classes which you choose, so that you or your instructors can set up notifications as you would like!

We added an override for Courses! 🔥

Hello everyone! We know for your customers courses are sometimes known as workshops or series or could be anything!

Now we have added support for courses to be renamed for the end customer! Navigate to settings → design settings → scroll down for override labels! The changes will instantly reflect on your apps and website!

Include links for Google and Apple Calendar in emails! 🔥

It’s finally here! Include hyperlinks for Apple and Google Calendars inside your booking confirmation emails for customers. This will sync the customer’s calendar with your events.

Staff availability has a start and end date, and it can have a recurrence : 1 or 2 week(s)! ⏳

Well, staff availability was very one dimensional, so we thought why not add a dimension to it and allow our clients to set up recurrence for the availability as well as set up start and end dates. Now, if someone is a visiting staff you can set up their schedule according to your requirements, and you do not have to set up multiple date overrides to manage it. You can also use it to set up availability for someone who is going on a long vacation or any other reasons by adding an end date to the availability. Once they are back, you can resume their services!

Delight your customers by giving the first late cancellation free of cost! 😎

A new setting has been added that grants your customers a buffer for late cancellations. Seamlessly set it up as per your preference (month or calendar year)!

Find this under: Settings → Bookings → Classes → Forgive Late Cancellation

New Sidebar and New Feedback Section! ⚡️

You can now navigate to our new feedback section, where we have the following -

  • What’s New? → This would showcase what are the new features we have released recently and in the past! You can also navigate to it via ‘Product Updates’!
  • Upcoming Features! → Our roadmap which is divided into Planned, In Progress and Completed. These are the features which we are actively working on after receiving feedback from you!
  • Give Feedback → Feel free to add new feature requests here and vote on any feature requests!
  • Report a bug! → Something which is bugging you recently? Feel free to report it, so we can take it up and provide you with timely updates!

You can provide feedback or feature requests, and also browse the requests from other users. The upvote system that you can engage with helps us prioritize features for the future releases!

You will get updates over emails for any feedback you are tagged or have subscribed or have added yourself! This ensures you never miss out on any updates going forward! Also, the design of the sidebar has been improved with extra options for your convenience! We exported out Reports & Analytics to be a major option on the sidebar as it was one of the most used navigation items!

In conclusion, the Bookee team is beyond thrilled to announce a slew of new updates to our platform that will undoubtedly enhance the customer experience and bring unparalleled convenience and flexibility to your business operations. We are dedicated to making your business run smoother and more efficiently. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade to Bookee today and start reaping the benefits!

Please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team with any questions at support@bookeeapp.com

We love your feedback! Please email us at product_team@bookeeapp.com 😄

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Abhinav Singh

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