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Product Updates

What's New In Bookee? | November 2022

Abhinav Singh
Sr. Product Analyst
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It's that time of year again! The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and we're excited to announce the latest round of updates to our product. These improvements are designed to bring even more cheer to your experience, with new features and enhanced performance that will make your [product use] more enjoyable than ever. So break out the pumpkin spice and get ready to experience the magic of November's product updates. Keep reading to learn more about what's included in this month's release.

Introducing Notes for Blocked Time! 🙌

We’ve added an option for you to add a mandatory note every time you populate the calendar using the ‘Blocked time’ setting.

With this feature, you can now easily keep track of why you have blocked off certain times on your calendar and what you need to do during those times. Simply click on a blocked time and add a note to remind yourself of the details.

Whether you're blocking off time for a meeting, a deadline, or personal time, this feature makes it easy to stay organized and stay on top of your schedule.

We hope this feature helps you stay organized and on top of your schedule.

Staff Attendance is now live! ⚡️

We understand that businesses want to track the working hours of their staff and instructors. In order to ensure that your employees are working the appropriate number of hours each week, you will now be able to effortlessly track your staff’s clock in and clock out times. Head over to the Staff Attendance tab from Home!

Allow your customers to add related contacts to any shared membership!

Good news we have all been waiting for! You can now enable your end customers to add related contacts while purchasing a shared membership on your website. You can toggle the settings for this while setting up pricing options!

With this feature, customers will now be able to add the names and contact information for other people who will be using the shared membership. This is particularly useful for family memberships or group memberships, as it allows customers to easily add multiple contacts at once.

We’re excited to enable you to configure it all in one seamless experience. 😊

Improved Cancellation Text! Customers can view your cancellation policy! 🔥

Now, you can effortlessly set up the cancellation text that is to be displayed to your customers when they try to cancel any bookings! This text will also contain whether the cancellation is free, paid, or if any credit is charged. The cancellation policy defined for any class or appointment will also be configurable with ease within the same settings menu! This new feature will immensely benefit you in applying custom cancellation policies that you have defined and also effectively communicate the same to your customers. 😊

Easily select Classes or Appointments when you create a Pricing Option! 🔭

Struggling with applying pricing options to only certain services? We’ve got you covered! You can now add applicable classes and appointments when pricing options are being created!

With this feature, you will now be able to specify which of your classes and appointments a pricing option can be used for, giving you the flexibility to offer special rates or discounts for specific services.

To use this feature, simply go to the pricing options section under Setup and create a new pricing option. During the creation process, you will be able to select the classes and appointments that the pricing option can be applied to. It's that easy!

We believe that this will help you enjoy your experience with us significantly, and hope that this feature helps you offer more customized pricing options and better serve your customers. Happy pricing!

Get notified when your clients are not checked - in! 😃 ✅

A solution at your fingertips! We’ve introduced a check-in reminder for you to make sure all customers are currently checked in to avoid charging no show fee, refunding no-show charges, adding credit back to customer profile and manually updating the customer booking status from “missed” to “attended”.

It is now possible to send a notification to your staff after every class if they missed checking in any of the students, along with their names. This will not be triggered in case all students are checked in, it goes along with the auto-submit attendance reminder.

Customers can now filter events by category on your app!

We’ve streamlined the end user experience for your apps. Are your customers struggling with having to browse an overwhelming number of services? Say hello to an improved ‘filter by category’ option for selecting any event! Available now.

We added a notification trigger group for Related Contacts! 👍

One of our most loved feature is booked for someone else! We know there was some trouble for the notifications to go out to related contacts once they were booked into a class, or they were added as a related contact by someone, so we added a new notification group! These are the triggers which can be set up now (all notifications go to the related contact)-

  1. Notify the related contact when they are booked into an appointment.
  2. Notify the related contact when they are booked into a Class.
  3. Notify the related contact when they are added as a related contact by someone (new/existing).
  4. Notify the related contact when a sale is completed.

Bookee now supports 3D Secure! 💯

We realized one of the major reasons for credit cards to be declined was Bookee not supporting 3D secure with our payment gateways! So we changed that so that your customers have the best experience while checking out!

How does 3D secure help you? 3D Secure is an authentication system developed by Visa and Mastercard for online transactions. It provides additional security for both cardholders and merchants. This helps reduce online fraud and the fraud liability shifts from you to the bank!

And so, the latest updates to Bookee arrive with a flourish, offering new features to enhance organization, efficiency, and customization for our valued users. Bookee continues to push the boundaries and make managing your business easier than ever before.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team with any questions at support@bookeeapp.com

We love your feedback! Please email us at bookee_product@bookeeapp.com 😄

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Abhinav Singh

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