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Proudly introducing what we added to Bookee in March!

Branded forms

Bookee has created a unique form builder tool that is customized to fit the needs of gyms, fitness and boutique studios, making the form-filling process easier and more efficient than ever before. With Bookee's form builder tool, businesses can design and create their own forms with ease.

What is special about Bookee forms?

  • Bookee offers a customizable form builder tool that allows gyms and fitness studios to create and design their own forms. It comes with custom branding options, allowing businesses to create a unique look and feel for their forms.
  • Users have the ability to add and modify fields such as text boxes, drop-down menus, checkboxes, and more to collect data and information to manage and organize customer data. Customizable form fields also allow businesses to gather specific information from customers, such as health information or preferences.
  • Easily sharing of forms via email. Bookee provides you with automations using which you can share the forms with customers based on in-built triggers over an email.
  • Mobile-responsive design ensures that customers can complete forms on any device, including smartphones and tablets.

Why are Bookee forms good for your business?

  • Forms save time for both businesses and customers by automating the form-filling process.
  • They will reduce errors and inconsistencies in data collection and organization.
  • They will help in improving customer satisfaction by providing a seamless and easy-to-use form experience.
  • And, they will enhance professionalism and credibility of businesses by providing customized and branded forms.

Void Invoices

Has it ever happened to you that an invoice gets generated with an error and it has to be voided? And then it becomes an accounting hassle? And it takes forever for you to sort the financial mess?

We just solved this problem for you with our ‘Void Invoice’ feature.

With this feature, you can:

  1. Easily, void an invoice that has been generated in error or has unpaid dues
  2. Retain the original invoice number for easy tracking and reference
  3. Cancel invoices individually
  4. Automatically update accounting records to reflect the voided invoices

With this, you can save time and effort, prevent errors in accounting records, prevent risk of legal consequences due to inaccurate billing, and enhance financial visibility.

How will the ‘void invoice’ feature help your business?

  • The void invoice feature will save time and effort by streamlining the invoice voiding process
  • It will help in preventing errors in accounting records by ensuring voided invoices are properly reflected
  • It will reduce the risk of financial penalties or legal consequences from inaccurate billing
  • It will also enhance financial visibility and control by providing a clear audit trail of voided invoices

Improvement in referral program

We are excited to announce a new update that enhances the customer referral experience in our platform. Starting today, you can now view who referred a customer on their profile page, making it easier to track and reward referrals.

With this update, you can now see who referred a customer by hovering over their profile when they are booked in a class or appointment. This provides better visibility into the referral process and helps you identify which customers are bringing in the most business.

In addition, we have introduced a new Referral tab in the customer profile, which provides better reporting on customers who have been referred, but are yet to create an account, as well as those who have already joined. This makes it easier to track the effectiveness of your referral program and make informed decisions about how to optimize it.

Overall, these updates demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement and providing a top-quality product for you. The Bookee team really strives to excite and delight our users with flexibility and added convenience. 😊

Please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team with any questions at support@bookeeapp.com.

We love your feedback! Please email us at bookee_product@bookeeapp.com 😄

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