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How Bookee Enables Pilates Studio Growth

Vaishwi Sinha
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Once you’ve stabilized your pilates studio operations, the next stage of evolution is to grow your business and take it to the next level. Having a growth partner who understands your needs and has solutions that can bring your vision to fruition is both important and necessary.

Here’s a quick look at how Bookee enables pilates studio growth, making us the perfect fitness studio management software to partner with for the next stage of your business.

Signs your pilates studio is ready to grow

Before we get into how Bookee can help your pilates studio business grow, let’s take a look at when the right time to start planning for the growth is.

  1. Your finances are stable
  2. Customer onboarding is mature
  3. Customer engagement is thriving
  4. You have a profound vision to drive growth

Here’s a more detailed look at how each of these factors is indicative that your pilates studio is ready for growth.

Your finances are stable

When you set up a new pilates studio, your business will go through a period of financial uncertainty. However, as membership numbers grow, your pilates studio will reach financial stability.

Signs that your business is financially stable include a controlled debt-to-income ratio, controlled expenses, steady revenue growth, a steady increase in new memberships, and a healthy bank balance.

Customer onboarding is mature

Another sign that your business is ready to grow is when you have a mature customer onboarding process in place.

A great customer onboarding process will ensure all the information you need about your customer is saved and easily recallable, including billing and contact information. Your staff will also need to be educated about their pet peeves and preferences.

On the other hand, your team and you will also need to put in the effort to familiarize your customers with your pilates studio, who your team members are, and what they do. This makes it easier for your brand to build a rapport with each of your members, creating more positive customer experiences as a result.

Customer engagement is thriving

If your pilates studio has mastered the art of customer engagement, then you’re definitely ready to scale up your business.

When your customer engagement is thriving, it means that you are able to consistently engage your customers both in your studio and on your social media channels. It also means your customers are emotionally engaged with your brand and feel a sense of belonging to your studio.

Successful customer engagement also means that you have furnished them with enough sources of information about your pilates studio for them to make brand-related decisions rationally.

And finally, it means you have ticked off all the right boxes when it comes to treating them ethically as a business.

You have a profound vision to drive growth

The final sign that your pilates studio is ready for growth is that you have achieved the goals you set for the studio thus far, and you have a set vision of what the future long-term goals of your business should look like.

How Bookee helps grow your pilates business

Let’s now take a look at what makes Bookee such a great choice as a growth partner to help grow your pilates business.

  1. Build your website and app
  2. Simplify customer experiences
  3. Leverage our class-leading waitlist management
  4. Drive numbers through referral programs
  5. Easily manage your marketing campaigns

Here’s a more detailed look at how Bookee can help grow your pilates studio business.

Build your website and app

One of the ways we at Bookee will help grow your pilates business is to build your studio a customized, branded, and easy-to-navigate business website. We can even integrate an e-store with your website, allowing you to sell merchandise online. In fact, our tool is more than capable of taking care of your stock management as well.

Your members can use this website to learn more about the services you offer, choose or make changes to their workout schedules and look at instructor availability while making choices. You can also use your branded website to offer discounts and run special offers.

We will take all of this a whole step further, and build your studio a customized smartphone app as well, allowing studio members to manage every aspect of their relationship with your studio even when they’re on the move.

Simplify customer experiences

A large part of enabling growth is by ensuring customers don’t have to spend too much time to start using your services. We at Bookee understand that and have built our online booking system keeping in mind your customer’s convenience.

Signing up as a new member for your pilates studio on your branded website or app will take your members no more than three easy steps. With online payment options enabled, our software will automatically save their payment preferences. That way, renewing their membership will also be a breeze.

Leverage our class-leading waitlist system

Bookee’s class-leading waitlist program is so efficient that our customer Jennifer from Pilates vault says, “I love Bookee’s waitlist feature. Bookee is so efficient that I almost never have an empty machine.”

If your sessions are booked out, members can add themselves to the waitlist, and our system will automatically add them to the sessions in case there are cancellations.

Expand your customer base through referral marketing

Referral programs will empower your existing members to evangelize your pilates studio, and our studio management software will enable you to reward them for it.

Once your referral program has been set up, our software will allow you to publicize it via messages, your website, app, and social media. Our backend will make it easy for you to reward referrals through discounts, merchandise, free sessions, or any other way you want to.

Grow with marketing campaigns

Enhanced visibility is essential for your pilates studio and growth, and Bookee can help you design marketing campaigns to achieve that goal.

From automating email campaigns and newsletters to sending out marketing SMS messages in large numbers and managing social media campaigns, everything can be customized and sent in a jiffy.

We have professional templates that you can use to spruce your content up, and will even help you choose the correct target audience for your campaigns.

Come and join the Bookee family today

We have just listed out some of the ways Bookee can help you grow your pilates studio. However, don’t take our word for it. Read our customer success stories for yourself before you sign up for a free demo with our experts.

Come and join the Bookee family today. You’ll see firsthand why we proudly claim to be the most complete management software for fitness businesses.

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