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Best Softwares For Personal Trainers

Najfee Hyder
Content Writing Intern
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Greetings fitness enthusiasts and personal trainers!

As a personal trainer, you must be overwhelmed by managing clients, creating workout plans, and tracking the progress of your clients.

You must have spent a lot of time and effort in learning and understanding the needs of your clients and building yourself up to this point in your niche.

Your experience is your work but there’s more you need to run your business.

It’s difficult to understand analytics, marketing, sales, and everything in a couple of weeks or so.

And performing those tasks would require a lot of time that you could be spending doing what you’re enthusiastic about, training people.

What do you do when you have to do such tasks?

You leverage the technology available at hand.

Technology has made it easier than ever to streamline these tasks and deliver better results to clients.

There are many software solutions available for personal trainers but here are some of the best, backed by G2: Business Software and Services Reviews

  • Bookee
  • My PT Hub
  • TrueCoach
  • Trainerize

In this blog, we’ll go through the above-mentioned softwares for personal trainers one by one and see what all they have for you.

Without any further delay, let’s equip you with knowledge of this niche and make things easy for you.


As a personal trainer, you have a lot on your hands. If you want to create an online coaching or training company, you'll need the right software.

Using today's technology, online personal training software allows you to keep in touch with fitness clients.

Bookee helps you manage the long list of your clients and offer better training results. The time you save by using the software can be utilized to turn your long client list into a longer one.

Bookee app is modern software just for all this. It has a number of features that make virtual training a reality.

Bookee, all-in-one fitness and wellness management studio software takes away your worries.

Bookee is a scheduling and booking software solution. It allows trainers to easily schedule appointments with clients and manage their schedules.

With Bookee, personal trainers can create customized schedules for clients and allow them to book appointments online. The app also allows trainers to manage their schedules and send appointment reminders to clients.

Scheduling with Bookee is easy and hassle-free. Have every class, private session, workshop, and event in one place in your calendar, and never miss out on anything.

That’s never all when it comes to Bookee, there’s always more.

Bookee’s CRM offers all the reports you need (Financial reports, membership & Subscription reports, Activity reports, and more) and analytics based on that.

Checkout in seconds with a personalized POS system for your services, discounts, gift cards, and more. You can also include online payments and seamlessly integrate with other devices.

Booking classes and sessions have never been easier for your clients.

Less than 40 seconds to book a session with seamless navigation with added in-app google calendar integration.

You might be overwhelmed at this point, but we don’t mind taking you with us and helping you understand what you can do with Bookee.

We pack everything, the features you need and also the ones you never thought can be implemented in your business, to make everything easy for you.

Book a demo with us by clicking the blog footer, we’ll take care of the rest for you.


Trainerize is a comprehensive software solution for personal trainers that allows trainers to create and share workout plans, track client progress, and communicate with clients through a mobile app.

Trainerize also integrates with popular wearable devices, making it easy for clients to track their workouts and progress.

Image source

Trainerize allows personal trainers to create customized workout plans for clients based on their individual goals and fitness levels.

The mobile app also allows trainers to assign workouts and track client progress, making it easy to monitor client progress and make adjustments as needed.

Image source

Clients can easily connect their Fitbit or other wearable device to the app, allowing them to track their workouts and progress automatically.

My PT Hub

My PT Hub is another popular software option for personal trainers. It offers a wide range of features, including client management, instant chat, workout and nutrition/meal planning, result tracking, public calendar, event streaming, integration feature and so much more.

Image Source

The app also allows trainers to track client progress and make adjustments as needed to ensure they're making progress toward their goals.

Image Source

Clients can easily schedule appointments through the app, making it easy for trainers to manage their schedules and ensure they have enough time to work with all of their clients.


TrueCoach is a software solution designed specifically for personal trainers and coaches. It allows clients to access everything it offers through a mobile app.

Image source

The app also allows trainers to track client progress and make adjustments as needed to ensure they're making progress toward their goals.

Image source

One of the key benefits of TrueCoach is its communication features. Trainers can easily communicate with clients through the app, making it easy to answer questions and provide feedback on their progress.

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