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Taking Attendance The Right Way Can Boost Your Revenue! Yes, it Is True.

Vaishwi Sinha
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Checking in your clients may seem like a very routine and mundane task.

But DO NOT underestimate the power a simple task of attendance holds!

Let us take you through how a powerful attendance feature can help you boost your revenue.

Enabling an increase in revenue through attendance

Attendance reports

What’s most important to increase revenue is to understand what works and what doesn’t in your studio.

When you submit your attendance, your software should give you reports on

  • Number of clients who attended
  • Number of no-shows
  • Left early

This will help you keep a track of how your clients are responding to your classes.

You can find out which classes get a higher footfall, which instructor is more loved etc.

Your dashboard should look something like this:

Late cancellation and no-show charges

Another way to increase the turn-out in your classes is to impose no-show and late cancellation charges.

This way you can make sure that your clients attend and hence increasing your retention rate.

Choose a software that will help you automate imposing late cancellation and no-show charges. Bookee helps you automatically add these charges so that you save manual effort into executing these operations.

Forgiving charges

To give your clients a good experience, if you wish to forgive late cancellation charges or no-show charges, that should also be a possibility.

You can choose to forgive the first case or a certain number of times in a month.

Automate these functions to delight your clients and give them reasons to stick to your studio.

With a software like Bookee, you can add these rules that will take effect automatically.

How to save time and increase efficiency

Saving your staff’s time can help you save operational costs.

Self-check-in through the app

Checking in can be done either through:

  • Your website
  • Your business app
  • Self check-in by your clients through your i-pad

You can choose to check-in clients through your instructors or have your clients check-in themselves.

Auto submission

Ever happened that you forgot to submit attendance?

Well, Bookee has also created a cure for it.

Bookee enables auto-submission of attendance either immediately after the class begins or it can be set to later.


Also, you need not worry about missing out adding any client due to the auto submission of attendance, Bookee has added reminders!

You will get a reminder before your attendance gets auto-submitted so that you can modify your client list.

Why choose Bookee?

Bookee not only helps increase retention but also saves time of your staff hence having an indirect impact on your revenue.

Moreover, it records a detailed history of each client so that you can connect with them at a more personal level, thus creating a solid client base who choose your studio over and over again.

Book a free demo with Bookee to know more!

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Vaishwi Sinha Bookee Writer
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Vaishwi Sinha

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