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#5 Tactics To Step Up Your Studio's Black Friday Sales Game

Customer Success Team
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Black Friday is the unofficial beginning of the holiday season shopping frenzy. The holiday season of 2021 is just around the corner and presents your fitness studio with plenty of revenue opportunities. By tapping the right opportunities and strategies, you can definitely thrive in this holiday season and boost your studio sales.

Despite the fact that the shopping holidays are just a few weeks away, you still have plenty of time to put a plan in place. You may actively target the appropriate platforms by rolling out Black Friday specials where your target audience spends the majority of their time. The scope of promotions during this season is immense and nailing down a business plan is a must.

Below are the 5 ways on how you can get started;

01. Stream classes and host live workout sessions on Black Friday

On black Friday, host classes at a price less than your list price so that it induces your members to buy your at-home sessions while they are staying home. Offering special deals on classes and merchandise is the ideal way to engage, whether you're already conducting studio classes, helping your customers attain their fitness goals with virtual platforms, or a combination of the two.

You could also plan a special workout so that it urges your members to spread the word about your Black Friday special workout. This strategy can do wonders as post the thanksgiving feast, people now want to get back to their healthy routines.

02. Start early promotions

Still sitting without a plan for your fitness studio's Black Friday. Nothing to worry about as we have a solid plan for you. During this time of the season, it is important that you undertake adequate promotions to stand out in the market. Make sure you carry out promotions of both online and offline sessions. Black Friday is well-known for amazing discount codes, gift cards, merchandise sales and referral programs.

With Bookee, there'll be no last-minute hassles as we have it all sorted for you. You could add discount codes and push them to your clients in 3 simple clicks.

Themed gift cards are another way to tap clients and bookee makes this effortless. You can add gift cards to your platform easily by getting in touch with our customer support executive.

Bookee also lets you add holiday merchandise to your studio inventory and you don't have to add its variants, the software does it for you. All sorted, right? Book a demo with us and bring your fitness studio to a platform that does it all for you.

Finally, the last but most important thing to do is to create Black Friday exclusive content for your social media platforms so that your fitness studio keeps pace with its competitors. Don't forget to use hashtags for better traction. Use a mix of Instagram Reels, TikTok, Facebook Live, and other platforms for better brand awareness and to boost engagement.

03. Create a landing page & send out marketing emails.

It is important to get the word out for the promotions you are holding in your studio which can be easily done by undertaking email marketing.  Before Black Friday, send an email with special deals and promotions you'd be offering on Black Friday so that your studio becomes an option for them long before they make a decision to buy your membership.

Personalize the email content, incorporate a call to action, and create a catchy subject line for them to click on your website link. You mustn't forget to create a black Friday exclusive landing page so that the emails you've circulated bring your audience to your studio's webpage.

04. Set a website countdown & promote through hourly flash sales

There is a major impact that urgency messages and countdown timers have during peak sales periods. Countdown timers assist smoothly and efficiently in circulating information about time-limited offers and displaying the rewards customers would get if they act promptly. Set a website countdown before the big day and create urgency through hourly flash sales.

Carry out hourly sales by offering discounts on various types of memberships, classes, and personal training sessions. Hourly Flash Sales are great in instilling a sense of urgency because they induce FOMO (fear of missing out) in the minds of those who see the sale ads. When individuals are afraid of missing out on something they value, they are compelled to act quickly.

05. Invest in Paid ads

While organic traffic is the best method to rank highly on Google and other search engine results pages (SERPs), paid advertisements for e-commerce Black Friday marketing can be extremely beneficial.

The week leading up to Black Friday weekend is a great time to try out PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising and get a rapid spike in web traffic. Around 79 percent of firms who use PPC say it's a "major driver" of their performance, and you can simply get your sponsored advertising in front of your target demographic with lots of tweaking choices. If you are already running paid ads, it's time to increase your ad spending as paid ads are one of the great ways to boost the visibility of your Black Friday promotions.

Get started before it's too late

Now that you have a blueprint of your Black Friday sales boost, it's time to work on its execution and line up the Black Friday activities and deals. There's plenty of opportunities for your fitness business right now, you just need to make use of the right ones in order to avoid wastage of time, effort, and money. With these 5 tips, a modern business software and a little creativity, you can surely obtain an extra piece of the revenue pie. Book your demo if you wish to switch from outdated software.

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