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5 Strategies That Can Help Your Fitness Software Stand Out

Customer Success Team
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The fitness software market is estimated to grow substantially in the next few years. For example, the gym management software market is expected to increase by 11.31% year-over-year until 2025. This is due to the benefits associated with this software, such as convenience. Similarly, the fitness app market size is predicted to expand at an annual growth rate of 17.6% from 2022 to 2030. This is because people’s interests were piqued by the convenience and intuitiveness of virtual fitness programs.

If you're a business that offers fitness software, now is the time to market it more aggressively and gain new users. Below are a few strategies to help out: 

Publish online video content

Videos are prioritized by social media algorithms, so publishing your own increases the chances of reaching a broader audience. Video content has also been found to stimulate active engagement in consumers, meaning they are more likely to comment or inquire about your software.

To help you curate the perfect video content, get assistance from a social media strategist who specializes in fitness and sports marketing. They are trained in developing cohesive fitness-related marketing plans due to their relationship management, decision-making, and communication skills. As such, they are able to develop online videos that will market your software and keep it in line with your target audience.

For instance, gym management platform Vagaro publishes online video content. In the video above, they highlighted the features of their software and showed examples of it in use, encouraging their target audience—gym owners—to buy their product.

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Get fitness professionals to write about it

Fitness professionals like personal trainers are knowledgeable about all things health and fitness, and many even run their own blogs or share advice on social media. Getting them to write for you will earn the trust of their followers and clients, placing your software at the top of their list.

The home workout app iFit commissions BarBend, a site run by fitness experts, to review their program. By doing this, it allowed readers of BarBend to consider using the app. Similarly, get fitness professionals to publish a review regarding your software. This will get you added exposure and potential customers. 

Utilize paid user acquisition

Paid user acquisition (UA) is the process of gaining customers through advertising. Some examples of paid UA channels are Facebook ads and Apple Search ads. Companies pay these platforms to run ads for their product, allowing users to discover them. It’s useful because paid UA can focus on first-time installs, so if your app gets downloaded a lot, it will rank higher in the App Store. The Fitplan app uses paid UA via Facebook ads for promotion. As a result, it increased its daily active users by 230% and observed 910 average daily app installs.

Meanwhile, for Apple Search ads, simply go to their website and follow the instructions. Another option for paid UA channels is Google’s UAC. 

Stand Out With Bookee

Feature positive customer reviews

People rely on customer reviews and testimonials before purchasing a product. Without prior experience with the software, they want to know what others think. Posting customer reviews allows satisfied users to share their experiences, which in turn will help future customers trust you. Perfect Gym is a management platform that makes its reviews public by posting them on social media. This way, they get to show others that their product is effective and that they’re a trustworthy brand.

If you have a website, ensure that customers are able to publish their reviews for visitors to see, too. You can also opt to post reviews on your social media accounts like Instagram (like the example above). 

Partner with fitness influencers

With the huge number of followers that influencers have, products gain a lot of attention and potential leads to convert. It certainly helps that influencers post on social media platforms—which allows them to engage with their audience in a casual, approachable, and authentic manner. This earns their posts a lot of impressions

For a fitness software business, it's only natural to seek out fitness influencers. For example, Fitness app Plankk Studio partnered with Whitney Johns, who runs Fit with Whit (@whitneyjohns) on Instagram, to promote them and even create a workout video with them. This allowed her 800k+ followers to be introduced to the app as well. Today, the public put a great trust in "ordinary" people, and the right influencer can help convince future customers to try your services.

Your fitness platform must stand out in today’s competitive fitness market. To do that, apart from implementing the above strategies, you also need a strong management software that your clients will love. Bookee provides just that. With Bookee, you not only get your branded website and mobile apps but also the best scheduling and booking experience with tons of other features that will definitely make your fitness business stand out.

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