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4 Pole Studio Websites Built with Bookee

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Hey there! Ever wondered what makes a pole studio website truly stand out? Let’s break it down today.

Pole dancing is not just about the dance moves, but it's also about inclusivity. The same philosophy should extend to their websites. It's simple: the more welcoming and informative the site, the better.

1. Wild Sky Pole

At Wild Sky Pole, first impressions are everything. An intro offer is front and center, ensuring visitors feel expected and welcomed.

Click on it, and you're whisked straight to the booking page.

With various offerings and specific skill classes, the website makes it easy to filter through classes, appointments, instructors, and facilities.

All thanks to Bookee’s slick integrations and widgets.

2. Pole+Dance Studio

With four West Coast studios under its belt, the Pole + Dance Studio showcases a body-positive and welcoming culture.

A multi-location studio means a plethora of schedules, but their site makes it a piece of cake for visitors to select and access their preferred location.

And for those looking to represent? There's a merchandise store to help you flaunt your Pole + Dance pride.

All of this, managed effortlessly with Bookee.

3. The Chrome Bar

No one likes interruptions, especially when booking a class. The Chrome Bar understands this.

If a customer doesn't have a plan while booking, they can purchase one without breaking the booking flow, thanks to Bookee’s integration.

And schedules? They're not just robust but beautifully customized, ensuring the pole experience begins right from their site.

4. Studio Synergy Pole Studio

Hailing from Murfreesboro, TN, Studio Synergy offers more than just pole dance.

They're all about Pilates, Barre, Yoga, and, most importantly, passion for dance and self-expression.

And for those looking to party pole-style?

The studio is up for rent, making it easy for clients to book slots during free hours via their website.

As expected, making this feature a breeze is none other than Bookee.

In essence, a great pole studio website should be like a perfectly executed pole dance: graceful, strong, and leaving an impression.

Thanks to Bookee, these studios have got their online game on point.

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