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10 Personal Trainer Marketing Tools To Go Big In Your Fitness Business

Customer Success Team
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Your fitness business can't grow without marketing, whether you're fresh out of PT school and new to the fitness industry, or you've just picked up the keys to your own gym and are eager to expand your client base.

Perhaps, like many personal trainers, you prefer to instruct customers rather than attract them. That's understandable, but if you want to help more people and increase your impact and revenue, you should take your business strategy and personal trainer marketing efforts seriously. Many personal trainers struggle to expand their businesses because they lack a business strategy that can sustain the amount of money they wish to make. For example, if you want to make $100,000 per year but are now making $50,000, then what should you do?

There are certain personal trainer marketing channels and tools that surely yield the returns you are looking for. Let's get straight to the point

10 Personal Trainer Marketing Tools

Make the best use of the below 10 personal training marketing tools and get the hike in revenues you've been looking for. Start reading!

01. Harness social media & be omnipresent

It is imperative that you have your presence both online and offline. Nothing beats social media when it comes to personal trainer marketing strategies. Why? Because social media has altered people's perceptions of how information is received and shared. Social media has taken over the world. It's approachable, strong, and here to stay.

Consider creating a professional page on Facebook and Instagram, creating some amazing workout pictures and content to publish on your wall, which makes your wall engaging and interacts with your audience. This is one of the great fitness marketing ideas for an increase in the revenues of personal trainers.

02. Distribute video-based content

Now is the best time to begin using video as a personal trainer marketing tool for you. The key is consistency, as well as master-quality video creation when using video to bring value to your audience. To  build trust and credibility amongst your customers, use live platforms for workouts, live testimonials, and revealing your life behind the scenes.

You may also include videos in your blog entries, which you can then distribute to your email list after it's been established. Inform, entertain, and leave your audience with a call to action after the end of every video. It is a win-win game, as they get free insights and you get the brand awareness you need.

03. Use Buffer to post on social media

You must use social media for personal training advertising, whether you're an online personal trainer or work with clients in person. It's an excellent way to attract new customers, exhibit your expertise, and retain existing ones. However, it can take a long time, which is where this personal trainer marketing tool Buffer comes in.

This useful tool assists you in planning, scheduling, and publishing all of your social media content ahead of time. It helps you to schedule your social media posts so that you don't have to find time for them on a daily basis. Instead, prepare everything 1-2 times per month and leave the rest to Buffer.

Buffer works with all of the main social media networks, allowing you to publish to all of them at once rather than separately. Their free account allows you to post to up to three platforms and schedule up to ten posts in advance. You may upgrade for $15 if you want to connect additional social media profiles or plan more than 10 posts at once.

04. Incorporate fitness tech in your fitness regimes

Since 2019, fitness technology is quickly evolving and has become one of the marketing avenues of personal trainers. People are increasingly interested in hiring personal trainers that can create training routines based on modern technology, such as smartwatches and new workout equipment.

To stimulate prospects' interest in working with you, invite them to check out new fitness gear. Alter your fitness regimen to accommodate your existing clients' technology, such as smartwatches. This provides them even more motivation to be a long-term member of yours. Read about the fitness technologies that are redefining the fitness industry.

05. Create your own personal trainer blog

Writing a blog as a personal trainer provides you with greater credibility in the field. When you share your expertise with others, people gain greater faith in you because they perceive that you know what you're doing when you go to the gym to train them.

Writing a blog as one of the marketing avenues may not come effortlessly at first, but doing so on a regular basis can help you improve your writing skills and, more importantly, establish your voice as a professional. A personal trainer blog can include a wide range of topics, including workouts for specific muscle groups, dietary advice, recovery strategies, and so on. So don't worry! Simply begin, and everything will fall into place.

What's a better way to advertise yourself as a personal trainer than to tell them what your goals are for them? Find out how to create a fitness blog right now for insightful ideas and tactics.

06. Participate in events and seminars

Seminars are designed to help professionals expand their knowledge, whereas fitness competitions are designed to showcase professional athletes' physical abilities. However, they both have one thing in common: they are the primary source for individuals to develop connections. Participating in fitness events is yet another personal trainer marketing strategy to build more connections.

Networking is essential in all types of businesses since it allows you to not only learn new things but also to collaborate with others and develop something unique by joining hands with others in your sector. Many businesses began from the ground up, with people who met at an event. As a result, if you want to build your fitness business and establish yourself as a true fitness professional, you must establish yourself in the market and attend fitness events.

07. Online booking button

One of the most significant aspects of personal trainer marketing is having an easy and visible online booking system. After you've built your community and are largely focused on training them, all you need is an online booking website. Why? Because it takes too much time to chat on the phone with clients and schedule appointments in your calendar.

What are the advantages of using an online booking system? Because clients can book themselves online with only a few taps using social media "Book Now" buttons, you won't have to worry about interrupting your job to book another appointment. Give it a go as it's a proven & effective personal trainer marketing technique.

Bookee is a modern fitness business software to schedule appointments, manage classes, offer discounts, Videos on-demand and live stream to your clients in just a few clicks. Book a 1:1 demo with our founder.

08. Google Ads

Go directly to Google Ads if you need to discover new clients quickly. It is, without a doubt, the finest personal trainer marketing tool for creating high-quality leads on a tight budget. It's simple to turn curious strangers into paying clients by targeting those who are looking for a personal trainer in your region.

For example, you may build an online ad and opt to have it appear when people in your locality or city search for fitness-related services. Your ad will be at the top of the search results page, and it will almost certainly be the first thing people click on. You may generate leads for pay per click by linking your ad to a lead magnet or contact page.

09. Use Canva to design flyers and brochures

Distribute brochures and business cards outlining your services and how you can assist clients in achieving their fitness and health goals. It is a great tactic to for personal trainer marketing. Communicate with other health and wellness companies, such as health stores, chiropractic clinics, or yoga studios, about placing a stack of your business cards at their facility. You don't need any design expertise to generate professional-looking marketing materials with Canva. It's amongst the great marketing avenues if you require simple personal trainer flyer, pricing lists, brochures, or leaflets.

The tool is simple to use; simply choose a design you like and customize the text, colors, and other elements to make it your own. It's also a fantastic resource for getting gym marketing ideas and inspiration for your own company's branding.

Canva also has millions of photos, icons, and fonts to choose from, many of which are free. Some of them are free, but you may also contribute your own fitness photos.

10. Client management system

As a personal trainer, you’re constantly juggling your time and resources to manage your fitness business. Becoming a successful and independent personal trainer is both incredibly rewarding and challenging.

Daily operations and administrative tasks may eat up a lot of time. Being a successful personal trainer is a delicate balancing act between providing a positive member experience, processing payments, and maintaining a safe workout environment for your clients. Although, the ultimate goal is to generate profits and create your brand awareness in the industry.

As a result, getting personal training clients management tool that allows you to manage your classes, revenues, and client data all in one place is a fantastic idea to streamline your operations and save time. Bookee app is a modern fitness business management software that is loaded with plenty of features to give a hike to your revenues and is affordable as well. Also, there's a free trial, so you can try out a personal trainer marketing approach that you believe would work best for your target audience. Book a demo and materialize the long-planned marketing avenues for your fitness business.

Implement one strategy at a time

The above 10 personal trainer marketing strategies and channels will save you time and effort whether you're a freelance personal trainer, work at a gym, or manage your own studio. They'll assist you in planning and organizing your marketing operations meticulously in order to increase revenues.

It's easy to become overwhelmed. You've spent years honing your skills as a personal trainer, but you're unlikely to be an expert in marketing in just a few weeks or months.

Remember that you don't have to implement all of these personal training marketing strategies at once. Discover what works best for you as a personal trainer and watch as your brand grows to its full potential. Remember a client management system is extremely important. Book a demo with us to know how we ease your operations as personal trainers.

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