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Bookee Success Story
Exequor Wellness
New York City

How Exequor Wellness Started From Scratch and Grew 10x in Just 6 Months

The way Bookee has automated our booking process is the key to growth in our business.
The feature set of Bookee had everything that we needed.

What is Exequor Wellness all about?

At Exequor, we are trying to build a wellness ecosystem for everyone - for individuals as well as corporates.

For individuals, we have individual packages and for corporates, we customize packages according to their requirements.

How has Exequor Wellness grown so much in such a short span of time?

The biggest issue that we were facing was the problem of awareness. We created a program that will tackle this issue.

We started running events. In these events, there are various instructors and there is something different happening at every hour. People can buy a day pass and attend. In this way, our attendees get to know the different services that we offer.

After this, they can choose to go for appointments or memberships.

Our pricing model also had a role to play.

In our model, the more one buys the cheaper it is with respect to the value offered.

Another factor that has contributed to our success is our website. We have created a website that converts customers with such ease. Before creating our website I did not know that it would play such an important role.

Companies that have been around since the 80s are nervous that we came to town and it is because of how our website looks.

Did you use any other software before Bookee?

We started out with Bookee.

We considered Mindbody and even did a demo. We wanted a boutique kind of experience. Mindbody was not suitable for it.

We then came across Bookee.

The feature set of Bookee had everything that we needed.

How are you using Bookee?

We have corporate clients who are overseas and can’t connect with us live due to time differences. We extensively use the VOD feature to upload videos for them. After watching these videos, they make appointments with us.

Moreover, the dashboard is very intuitive.

We have various different kinds of packages because we customize them for every client. It is really easy to set up. We have a really granular control over everything. And it is really simple.

The roles and permissions that Bookee offers really help us.

And out of everything if I have to point out one thing - it is customer support. It is off the charts for me. In other SAAS companies, you don't even think that there is going to be anyone to help out but in Bookee it is the exact opposite.

How has Bookee helped you grow?

Bookee has helped us save time and increase user-friendliness.

For growth, every business needs to be easy. People don’t have time, they don’t want to be bothered. They want to hit a button and get in.

The way Bookee has automated our booking process is the key to growth in our business.

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