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Bookee vs Glofox

Glofox has a great-looking UI, no doubt. However, the UI comes with countless bugs, unreliable reporting, and a disappointing set up experience. bookee does all of that better and much more.

Built with bookee

Top reasons why Glofox clients are switching to bookee

Payment Processing Fees

While Glofox has a processing fee of 4.4% + 30 cents for every payment, bookee has the standard processing fee of just 2.9%.

Email Campaigns

Glofox struggles with Mailchimp integration. With bookee’s built-in email marketing feature, send aesthetically pleasing & hyper targeted emails.


Glofox reports lack necessary details, where as bookee's sales, customer & events dashboards give actionable insights within seconds.

Customer Support

Glofox support can take days to respond compared to bookee support which is available in minutes.

Excited to know what bookee can do for your business?

Okay, let's make it easier for you!


Glofox:  Shell out more to use essential features like a branded app which costs $109 with Glofox.

Bookee: Cost-effective plans with all essential features and fewer add-ons.


Glofox: No option to add any type of promo codes in billing.

Bookee: Entice more customers  with unlimited & customised promo codes.


Glofox: Can’t set up recurring appointments. 

Bookee: Save unnecessary time spent on scheduling one appointment at a time by setting up recurring appointments.

Google Calendar Integration

Glofox: Google calendar integration for staff and clients is not possible.

Bookee: Avoid no-shows & cancellations by clients & ease schedule management for your staff with Google Calendar Integration.

Front Desk Management

Glofox: No option for clients to 'drop in' casually.

Bookee: Never miss out on potential revenue by ensuring smooth booking, payment and check-in for drop-in clients.


Glofox: No referral program is available.

Bookee: Engage your existing clients and attract new ones with referral programs.

Don’t take our word for it
higher sales
Pole & Dance
new revenue
Booster Transform
more client visits
The Pilates Vault
"I am constantly growing"
- Jennifer, The Pilates Vault
”Just there for me and what I need”
- Nam, Tree of life studios
”We are super happy”
- Maria, Big Day Fitness
”Your app rocks”
- Jennifer, The Pilates Vault
“Bookee is a blessing”
- Tracy, Cert Fitness
”Complete upgrade from our last software”
- Alethea, The Chrome Bar

“bookee is a blessing”

- Tracy, Cert Fitness

”I am constantly growing”

- Jennifer, The Pilates Vault

”We are super happy”

- Maria, Big Day Fitness

”bookee is so easy and effortless!”

- Cicelee, Mandala Yoga

”Your app rocks”

- Bobby, Big Day Fitness

”So responsive to everything”

- Malauie, Soul Movement Yoga

”Complete upgrade from our last software”

- Alethea, The Chrome Bar

”Everything is neat, nice looking and customer friendly.”

- Damien, Booster Transform

”Just there for me and what I need”

- Nam, Tree of life studios

Fastest to onboard & support you


Your memberships, cards on file, reservations — everything will be moved to Bookee overnight.

Requires weeks of training

Disjointed training experience

Go live in 24 hours

Unlimited 1:1 training & support


Get priority support from a team aligned with your business goals.

Slow and unresponsive support

Explain the same problem to multiple people

Go through countless workarounds


Get support in minutes

Speak to the same person each time

bookee listens, cares and builds for you


These studios have increased their revenue by 137.8% within 12 months of joining Bookee, when will you?

✅  We train your team on Bookee

✅  We clean and move your data from glofox software

✅  We update your website pages - schedule, pricing, signup, etc

✅  We build & launch your branded apps - both iOS & Android

✅  We migrate your business overnight - no business downtime

✅  We assign a dedicated business consultant - expert in your business

... wait, there's more

🥳 No contract - because our clients don't leave us anyway

💸 Still not convinced? Get a free 14-day trial  👉