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🗓️ What's New? 'Visit Limit'

Community Manager
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Hey Everyone, It's Naj!

I bet you're grinning right now, aren't you? 😄

Got some fresh news that's bound to make your day. You know that feature you've been buzzing about? Yep, it's landed!

A massive thanks to Guy from Lagree Red, Tina from Luna Aerial, and Danielle from Pranayoga.

We had some coffee-fueled chats with them to dive deep into what they were looking for. Here's what we unearthed:

  • Luna Aerial? They were on the hunt for a way to cap their customers at just 2 class sign-ups or bookings every week. And hey, they wanted to call the shots on when their week kicks off.
  • Lagree Red? They had one clear ask: No double bookings on the same day, please!
  • As for Pranayoga, they were all about setting up restrictions based on different class and appointment flavors.

These candid conversations were the spark behind our latest feature.

Introducing 'Visit Limit' 🎉

Think of BookBlock as your trusty sidekick.

It lets you put a leash on how often a client can tap into a pricing option within a certain window.

Say you've got a pricing option that's up for grabs for a whole year with unlimited sessions.

But here's the twist: it can only be punched in five times a week.

And guess what? You've got a buffet of choices.

Set the bar by visits per week, by the calendar month, or by a rolling month. If someone's maxed out? They'll get a nifty little message popping up.

You can even toggle between Calendar Month/Week or Rolling Month/Week.

And the cherry on top? The rolling setting lets your peeps decide when they want to start their week or month.

Eager to Jump In?

If you're itching to get this up and running, here's the lowdown:

  • Zip over to the pricing option, snag the one you're eyeing, and give it a quick edit (or whip up a new one if that's your jam).
  • Next up, pick from classes or appointments, dial in your booking caps, and tweak it till it fits just right.

And boom – you're in the game! Flex those booking muscles and watch the magic unfold.

Catch you later,


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