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Product Updates

🔁 What's New? Auto-Renew Subscriptions and Credit Packs and more

Community Manager
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Hey there,

I've been reaching out to you more frequently lately, all thanks to Bookee's swift development pace.

The exciting news is that we are more than ready to build features based on your requests. So, please keep those suggestions coming!

Now, let's jump right into the latest features designed to simplify your life.

Introducing Auto-Renew Packs & Subscriptions

We all know the inconvenience of manual subscription renewal.

When a subscription or credit pack reaches its end date, it's quite a process for customers to repurchase.

This manual renewal can cause service disruptions that nobody wants, neither you nor your customers.

But due to certain regulatory requirements, subscriptions can't last forever.

That's where Auto-Renew Packs & Subscriptions come in.

This feature enables your subscription cycle to renew automatically.

By implementing this feature, you will enhance customer satisfaction, boost retention rates, and streamline the renewal process.

Edit Subscription Pricing

Another key feature is the ability to Edit Subscription Pricing.

Existing clients can maintain their current pricing until their cycle ends.

New clients can access subscriptions at the new pricing structure.

This may seem like a minor addition, but it's crucial, especially when paired with the Auto-Renew Packs and Subscriptions feature.

Visible on POS

Say goodbye to unnecessary archiving.

You can now choose to Hide Subscriptions and Credit Packs from the CRM POS.

Your front desk team can focus on the subscriptions that matter most, leading to a more organized and efficient point-of-sale system.

Enabling these features is a piece of cake. While you're setting up or editing a class, just scroll down, and you'll find all the toggles right there.

Time to take your Bookee experience to the next level!

Until next time,


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