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What’s new at Bookee? Click, book, and it’s done!

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Hey there, Bookee users!

It’s Naj again from the product marketing team here at Bookee.

You already know, it’s good news.

What’s new at Bookee? Click, book, and it’s done!

Let me quickly take you back, through the announcements feature.

You must already be using the announcement feature to

  • Highlight upcoming classes.
  • Feature new instructors + staff.
  • Market plans + packages.

What if I tell you that you can do more with it now?

Before taking you through the feature, let’s understand the need for this feature.

  • The Average open rate of push notifications is 20 times more than email.
  • Push notifications boost app engagement by 88% whereas 65% of users return to an app within 30 days when push is enabled
  • On average people check their phones every six-and-a-half minutes, according to recent research.
  • Adding actionable CTAs can boost push notification campaign outcomes by 40+%.

These are quite interesting statistics, don’t you think?

You should take advantage of these statistics.

We are making sure of that with Bookee’s announcements.

And now, you can direct your clients to any and every landing page on your client app.

It provides seamless contact between your studio and your clients.

No need for external channels! No need to put external links.

You can ensure that the message reaches the target audience by making announcements within the app rather than depending on external variables.

It’s Intuitive, Interactive, and calls for instant action:  Announcements are simple, quick to set up and offer interactive features that can enhance client engagement.

Heading to the feature Click, book, and it’s done!

You can seamlessly direct your clients anywhere in the app.

  • Launching a new class? Send a push notification.

Take your clients directly to the class booking, right from the push notification.

So they just have to tap and book

  • Pushing out a sale on membership?

Clients are directly taken to the plan purchase landing page in your app.

Driving clients to purchase can’t get easier than this.

  • Who doesn’t like a gift card?

Promote your gift cards through the announcements push notification.

People can at times just swipe away the notifications, what do you do then?

You can drive people anywhere in your app through detailed cards as well, available on your app.

Gone are the days of having half-filled classes.

This feature will make sure that your bookings boom, your revenue goes up and it’s also a good way to get back old clients.

Happy Book(ee)-ing.

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