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Product Updates

Product Thursday: Streamlined studio with Facility check-ins in Kiosk and More

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Hi there, Guess what, we've got an update that'll make your day a lot more exciting.

Based on a recent real-time experience, our Product Head realized the importance of never letting down our clients and so, we acted upon it.

We are now introducing Facility Check-ins for our Kiosk app!

Earlier while you could always set up your facility and its availability, This makes it super easy for your clients to access your desired training facility with the Kiosk app.

But who could gain this access?

Well, it's simple. Access will be according to the type of memberships purchased by your client.
You just have to go to your CRM > Setup > Facility and edit the one you need. While editing, you'll notice a new section, called Access Permissions.
Here, you can select the access memberships in accordance with the specific facility. Plus, you can also add a fancy picture of the facility to make it look uber-cool in the app. We totally recommend you do that!

Remember, the best time to set up this feature for your studio was at its launch, but hey, the second-best time is, without a doubt, now!

Not just this, folks, we also have something more.

We've remodelled the customer check-in table.

All customers checking into your facilities, who checked them in, and their way of checking in, among other details, are now gathered together neatly in one place.

Keep track of your customers by going to the CRM > Home > Customer Check-In.

What's the difference, you ask?

Manual work of taking attendance is replaced with automated check-ins, and your customer experience is bound to be way superior with this advancement.

So, go ahead and set up the Kiosk for your studio now, if you haven't yet.That's all we have for this update. Catch you later with more exciting news and enhancements, till then, keep moving and stay fit!

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