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Announcement: Part 2/3 of Growth Secrets Of Pole Studios

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You’re launching a new Level 3 pole series and you want all your Level 2 clients there.

How would you do that today?

Emails are boring, SMS messages are pushy?

And how many clients will you reach with that?

At best 30% will read it and 5% will click it.

What if you could have each of your clients read it and sign up?

Sounds unbelievable?

Kind of is.

Since we mainly work with pole studios, we know how they make it happen.

Here’s the best part, you too can make it happen with announcements.

  • Detailed cards
  • Banner
  • Push notifications

Before we dive in further, this is part 2 of the Pole Studio Growth series.

In case you missed the previous part, you can read that here.

1. Detailed Cards: Showcase Your Pole Magic

Detailed cards appear on the homepage of your branded app.

So that  your clients don’t miss out on your amazing workshops and series.

Picture this: You’re introducing a new pole trick series or a flexibility workshop.

Detailed cards give you the space to dazzle with visuals.

Visuals give your clients a preview of how it feels, and how it looks.

Your clients can learn everything about this new series.

Remember, in the world of pole, it's not just about the moves; it's about the experience.

2. Banners: The Pole Alert System

Shout out loud about your discounts.

Let your clients know about the discounts and see an increase in your bookings.

Banners are a great way to do that.

Banners ensure your clients are always in the know.

They're the first thing your clients see.

You can also use banners to inform about:

  • Change in the studio's opening hours
  • Maintenance of a pole
  • Studio closure because of the weather

3. Push Notifications: The Pole Whisperer

What if some of your clients aren’t active on your app?

How’d you reach them better than email and text?

You send them a push notification which lands them directly on your app.

With their impressive open rate, they're the secret sauce to keeping your studio's energy vibrant and dynamic.


Pole is all about connection and consistency.

Showing up is the most important step and announcements make people show up.

A curated combination of announcements, (Cards, Banners and Push) is the growth secret of the best Pole studios. (Not a secret anymore)

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