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5 Exceptional Pole Studio Branded Apps Crafted by Bookee

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Customer experience is a major driving force for people to visit Pole Studios.

It doesn’t start when they enter your studio and end when they leave after classes.

It’s a journey that continues and walks with them, within the palms of your customers, pockets, or their handbags.

Yes, I’m talking about your branded app

To ensure a flawless customer experience, your app needs to check all the right boxes:

It should be beautiful, intuitive, functional, and boast an amazing user interface and experience.

Here are five outstanding examples of Pole Studio branded apps crafted by Bookee that perfectly embody these principles:

1. Pole + Dance

Discover the warm and body-positive community at Pole + Dance across four West Coast studio spaces. Whether you run a single studio or have multiple locations, our app has you covered.

Clients can effortlessly select their preferred studio location with a single tap. Booking classes, series, or appointments is a breeze, thanks to the three-tap process on our branded app.

2. Wonderland Pole And Dance LLC

Wonderland Pole And Dance LLC proudly stands as the first Pole Dance studio in Tri-Cities, WA! They've been doing it right, introducing special classes and workshops regularly.

And how do they keep everyone in the loop? With In-App announcements.

A simple tap on a push notification or in-app banner takes clients directly to the booking screen. Result? A 36% boost in bookings on average.

One more tap, and they're booked for a variety of dance + aerial classes or their bachelorette party.

3. The Chrome Bar

The Chrome Bar is a globally renowned pole dance studio nestled in East Nashville. They know that saying no to a Pole Party is simply impossible.

That's why they've made their studio space available for parties and community event bookings.

With Bookee's branded app, making this happen is a walk in the park.

4. PoleLaTaez LLC

Take a cue from Atlanta's premier pole, aerial, and sensual dance fitness studio, PoleLaTaez LLC.

They showcase their incredible series and workshops in their beautiful app.

But here's the cherry on top: announcements with the magic of deeplinking that lead people straight to booking screens.

They can purchase in one click, The average increase in series sales by $11,596 with just this feature.

VOD is also on offer through their branded app, expanding the app's offerings and services.

5. Pole Fitness Studio

Pole Fitness Studio is a staunch advocate for inclusivity and body positivity in pole fitness. Their welcoming space caters to people of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels, empowering them to discover their strength and confidence.

It's incredible what little app tweaks can do. Selecting classes as Featured classes ensures they pop up front and center on the client app.

Plus, they've got the "bring your own friend" feature, because who doesn't want to work out with their buddies?

In the world of Pole Studios, these branded apps are shining examples of what can be achieved when you prioritize customer experience.

Beautiful, intuitive, functional, and with amazing UI/UX Branded Apps, ensure your clients keep coming back for more pole magic.

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