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Product Updates

Bookee Product Updates: June 2021 (Part 1)

Customer Success Team
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We have lots of exciting updates scheduled for June and the first batch of those updates just went live. So here's all that's new in your Bookee account:

Cancel subscription immediately

In the customer profile, you can now quickly remove any existing subscription.

Bookee's customer profile with option to cancel a susbcription immediately

You can also refund the last collected payment while cancelling the subscription.

In the case you have already refunded the last payment, the system will recognise it and disable the refund option.

Bookee's customer profile with option to cancel subscription and customize refund options

Cancel class instance

You can now cancel a class instance, instead of permanently deleting it. Upon cancelling, all the active bookings will be marked as free cancellations. But unlike delete, the class will still appear on your calendar and will help you visually track cancelled classes.

Bookee's universal fitness calendar with a  cancelled class instance

On the website and mobile apps, the class will still be visible but it cannot be booked.

Bookee's website class schedule with a cancelled class instance which has its booking disabled

Video on demand: Search and filters

Customers can now search through your complete video library. Additionally, if you want to link the results for any search keyword, just copy the URL from your browser.

Bookee's online video on demand embed with multiple filters to search the right video

You can also now add instructor and level to your videos in the CRM. This will allow customers to use instructor, level and video length filters on the website.

Video on demand filters in Bookee software

Membership information in class

We have revamped the interface of class details view. You can now see the details of membership used to book the class.

Revamped interface of the membership information regarding each class in bookee's software

Brand new check-in buttons to make attendance more satisfying!

Brand new check in buttons in bookee software for marking fitness class attendance

Customer profile, new design for bookings tab

Just like the calendar, you can now see the membership information in the customer profile as well.

Membership information readily available under customer profile in bookee software

Booking timeline (beta)

This is our new favourite feature.

For each booking you can now see the timeline of events. Where did the booking come from? Website, app or CRM? When did it get cancelled? When did the customer move from waitlist to booked? All booking related answers in a snapshot. You can find booking info in calendar as well as in the customers profile.

Beta testing view of client's booking timeline available in every customer's profile

Waitlist cancellation: New booking status

Why a penalty was not charged for a seemingly late cancellation? Because it was a waitlist cancellation. To make it easier to identify such cancellations, we have now added a separate status for them. Previously they appeared as free cancellations.

Start pack on first visit

Credit packs can now start on the date customer attends the first class. To understand the difference between first use and first visit please refer to this support article.

Advanced settings for credit packs to make them start on the day when first class is attended

Upcoming memberships

Customers can now book events (classes, appointments) using their upcoming membership. System matches the event date with the future start date of the membership, and if the event date is ahead of start date the booking is confirmed.

Let's take a customer Jane who purchases a membership on 9th June which starts from 15th June. Now she doesn't have to wait till 15th of June to start booking classes using this membership. She can book ahead of 15th June right away.

Other Improvements:

  • Free cancellation for customers when business/staff cancels or deletes the class late.
  • Updates to staff permissions. Instructors and managers can easily access all events in business app and CRM calendar.
  • In bookings by class event report, original instructors do not appear for the substituted classes.
  • UI and experience improvements to the website integration.

Next in June...

Retail products, staff payroll and kiosk mode in business app. Stay tuned for the next update!

Refresh your CRM if you do not see the latest features. Please reach out to our support team if you have any questions.

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