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How to ease your staff management in 2023

Community Manager
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Hello, Fitness and Wellness studio owners!

Glad that you’ve all collected here for some valuable information about staff management.

Staff management is critical for the success of any fitness and wellness studio. 

In 2023, technological developments and creative ideas have made it easier than ever to streamline staff management processes.

In this blog, we will explore ways to ease staff management for you.

  1. Adding staff members with ease

Staff members are ever-changing and expanding.

Adding staff members should be easy, you should have to fill in their details and assign them roles with ease.

  1. Adding Availability and calendar integration

When you have many courses, classes, and appointments running, it gets difficult to bookkeep and check the availability of your staff.

You should be easily able to check availability and integrate their calendars.

It’s easier to manage staff this way and keep schedules up to date.

  1. Adding Overrides

Once you have assigned roles to your staff and updated availability. It must not be difficult for you to add overrides.

There could be personal things or an emergency that your staff might need tending to, instead of having to reach out to every client associated with their service.

Adding an override would make it easier and better.

  1. Compensation management

Compensation management should be flexible and customizable.

Instead of always having to pay a fixed amount, weekly or monthly. You should be able to easily add options to compensate different staff dynamically. Compensation per class, course, or appointment.

  1. Payroll management

Having efficient payroll management is one more way to ease staff management.

You should be able to run payrolls, for specific time periods easily.

Keeping track of the previous payroll is also an important thing to keep on doing.

Setting up the frequency of payrolls, and having different payroll options, based on different work, and services that your staff provide come under payroll management.

Bookee is everything you need and more.

Bookee is not just a fitness studio management software, it’s your growth partner as well.

To make staff management easier for you, from adding staff members to payroll management.

Bookee does everything.

  1. Adding staff members is easier with Bookee, 

There are always going to be new staff members coming, as you’d be increasing your services or expanding. With bookee it’s simple and easy.

Want to see how easy it is?

Read this tiny article.

  1. Google Calendar Integration

Google Calendar integration is one of the key features that Bookee offers.

Your staff members should be able to see all the events that are scheduled for them directly on their Google calendar by connecting their account with google calendar on Bookee.

At the same time, you should be able to follow up with every instructors schedule, in your calendar.

Bookee CRM helps you in doing that. Have all your appointments, classes and courses at one place.

Always stay up-to-date with Bookee.

Read this article to know more.

  1. Adding overrides.

You can easily add overrides to the staff schedule. We are here for every fitness and wellness studio. We understand your niche, problems, and solutions.

To add overrides to any staff schedule, you need to select the staff from the Booke CRM.

Under Availability, click date overrides.

Fill in the start and end dates and time, click add override and you’re done.

  1. Compensation management

In order for the system to calculate payroll for the staff, we have to first set up the compensation for the staff.

Under Compensation management, in Bookee you can set up the compensation

  • Compensation Types available in Bookee CRM
  • Fixed salary (per week or month)
  • Pay per class
  • Pay per course
  • Pay per appointment

Learn more about setting up compensation here.

  1. Payroll management

Bookee is as smooth as it comes when we talk about Payroll management.

You can also set up payroll templates with Bookee, read more about that here.

Read this article to know about the flexible payroll settings available with Bookee.

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