Ultimate CrossFit software that hustles hard to see you grow.

CrossFit is tough, no denying that. But managing a CrossFit studio is even tougher. We feel you. That’s why we built Bookee, a new-age software that equips you with every tool necessary to grow your HIIT & Bootcamp business fast. Without sweating too fast or hustling too hard.

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A HIIT & Bootcamp software that's proven and trusted by many best-in-class fitness studios like you.

Extremely fast and powerful software to grow your HIIT & Bootcamp business.

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High intensity software for high intensity people.

Running a fast-paced HIIT & Bootcamp studio means handling ten different things at a single time. It can get tiring and frustrating. With Bookee you can put an end to this struggle by switching over from multiple apps to just a single software for all your business needs. Managing memberships, handling inventory, live-streaming classes, driving bookings or figuring out analytics.

Everything can be done from a single place. That’s how you can keep the intensity alive without burning yourself out!

Powerful mobile apps that boost member retention.

The best Bootcamp & HIIT studios forge a strong connection with their members. It’s time for you to give your clients a powerful digital experience that resonates with your fitness brand. Bookee’s branded mobile apps are the ultimate way of building a community.

They’re perfect for driving easy bookings, posting class schedules, and sending out notifications. Apps can boost your business and are included in all plans starting at $99. They are not marketplace, so that way your clients stay in touch only with your studio.

Bookee's studio mobile apps for booking a crossfit class
Bookee's web-integration for booking a crossfit class online

Revenue generating website that drives more bookings.

A regular stream of leads is a huge relief for every HIIT & Bootcamp owner. What if you had a website that delivered a strong impression on new visitors. A website from where they could book a class in just three clicks. That’s exactly how our web-integration works.

With branded and stylish scheduling pages, you can make a strong impact on your clients even before they perform their first rep. Our analytics accurate gauge your monthly performance and report them to you so you can tweak your lead strategy in the best possible way

Start your online CrossFit classes overnight.

End all confusion about online classes. Build a hybrid/virtual studio from scratch.
Unlock new revenue streams.
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Live Streaming

Use Zoom
without links.

Neither you nor your clients like to search around for links before the class.

We hate links as much as you do, that's why we built a Zoom integration that doesn't have any of them. Clients can just log in to your website or join a class straight from the app!

Video on demand

Own your own
VOD channel

Stop paying ridiculous VOD charges for multiple software. Create your video library at nominal rates with no hidden charges - so you don't have to do classes for free.

VOD sits right into your website. You own complete rights to every piece of content you create.

A collage of crossfit video exercises available on demand

Core HIIT software that does all the heavy lifting for you.

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One size never fits all, & we get that. That’s why we don't deal with endless kinds of businesses. Our software's made solely for gyms and fitness studios. No spas, no salons, only gyms!
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If you're using Mindbody, you know what bad software means for business. Bookee is extremely easy to use. Our clients don't even ask us to set things up. They just sign-up & learn everything on their own!
If your monthly payouts are less than the sales you make, your current software is slipping away hidden charges under your nose. We never hike up charges and your client credit info stays protected with you.
It’s hard to retain clients. But with Bookee you can use 50+ notifications to stay in touch with your clients. Whenever they book a class or cancel an membership so you can send an automated message to their phones.
We know how modern-day gyms work. There can be different membership options, each one priced differently. But we’re always open to the kind of customization you need! Be it monthly unlimited, or a 7-day VOD course, you can set everything up in no time!
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Three separate calendars for one CrossFit gym can be confusing. With Bookee’s universal calendar, you can view all your classes, appointments & workshops on a single screen. Simple, isn't it?
Supplements, water bottles, masks? It gets tiring listing out every product variant. With Bookee you just select a product, the color/size, and have all variants ready to go. Then sell through POS, website or app in seconds.
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Feeling the flu of a down-season? Get creative with your data & zero down on your weaknesses. You can also use personal discount codes to sell more classes & bring in more clients.
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Warm leads turning cold fast? Use our lead pipeline to track every lead and assign them to various staff members. Break down team confusion & convert more clients with ease.
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We really care.

With Bookee you are choosing a partner who aligns with your ambitions. Who values communication.

You won't have to browse lengthy support articles while reps take days to respond - you'll get fast and personal support.

Proof of our commitment? Talk to our founder:

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Moving DATA

without migraine.

You won't believe how smooth switching over to Bookee is. No seriously - you'll be surprised.

We move all your data with no extra work for your staff members. Best part - your clients will love it!

How do we do this?
We are meticulous in onboarding. We hire the smartest people to migrate your data. We work really hard.

Also we do it for FREE.

Hence, 95% of our clients came to us from other software.

I want to move to Bookee
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To my great surprise I not only found a software that met all my needs and streamlined my business, but I found people who actually care about what we are developing..

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A new age software to grow your HIIT & Bootcamp business.

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