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Bookee vs Vagaro

Unless you're a salon, Vagaro is not for you. Originally designed for salons, it has a broken booking experience, charges small businesses unfairly, and the list goes on.

Bookee, on the other hand, has none of these drawbacks and offers so much more.

Built with bookee

Top reasons why Vagaro clients are switching to bookee

Booking experience

Vagaro provides a disjointed booking experience, redirecting clients to Vagaro’s domain, unlike Bookee, which keeps clients on your brand’s website.


A key feature like live-streaming costs $10/month with Vagaro as an add-on. Whereas it’s free with bookee, which has more all-inclusive plans.

Customer Support

Vagaro support can take days to respond and still be unsatisfactory, whereas bookee support is available in minutes and tailored to your business needs.

Excited to know what bookee can do for your business?

Okay, let's make it easier for you!

Fitness business suitability

Vagaro: With a big chunk of Vagaro’s clients being salons, we really doubt they’ll be able to address your unique fitness business needs.

Bookee: Researched and designed with fitness & wellness business in mind, bookee understands your business and offers unique solutions.

Website & Branded App

Vagaro: Pay $10/month extra just to get rid of the Vagaro branding from your website & app.

Bookee: Create a custom booking experience that proudly displays your brand name on your app/website at zero cost.


Vagaro: No 2-way texting means you miss out on personalized communication and have less engaged clients.

Bookee: Includes 2-way texting— cuts down on response time, resolves common problems quickly, and gets  you more confirmations.


Vagaro: Vagaro charges a 25% higher processing charge from small businesses which is totally unfair.

Bookee: Businesses of all sizes pay the same nominal transaction fees. Hence, no discrimination. 

Don’t take our word for it
higher sales
Pole & Dance
new revenue
Booster Transform
more client visits
The Pilates Vault
"I am constantly growing"
- Jennifer, The Pilates Vault
”Just there for me and what I need”
- Nam, Tree of life studios
”We are super happy”
- Maria, Big Day Fitness
”Your app rocks”
- Jennifer, The Pilates Vault
“Bookee is a blessing”
- Tracy, Cert Fitness
”Complete upgrade from our last software”
- Alethea, The Chrome Bar

“bookee is a blessing”

- Tracy, Cert Fitness

”I am constantly growing”

- Jennifer, The Pilates Vault

”We are super happy”

- Maria, Big Day Fitness

”bookee is so easy and effortless!”

- Cicelee, Mandala Yoga

”Your app rocks”

- Bobby, Big Day Fitness

”So responsive to everything”

- Malauie, Soul Movement Yoga

”Complete upgrade from our last software”

- Alethea, The Chrome Bar

”Everything is neat, nice looking and customer friendly.”

- Damien, Booster Transform

”Just there for me and what I need”

- Nam, Tree of life studios

Fastest to onboard & support you


Your memberships, cards on file, reservations — everything will be moved to Bookee overnight.

Requires multiple days to migrate

Disjointed training experience

Go live in 24 hours

Dedicated Onboarding Manager with unlimited 1:1 training


Get priority support from a team aligned with your business goals.

Slow and unresponsive support

Explain the same problem to multiple people

Go through countless workarounds


Get support in minutes

Speak to the same person each time

bookee listens, cares, and builds for you


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